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2022 GENESIS carry & delight BUS SCHEDULE: Cubao to Baguio / Baguio to Cubao

schedule last updated: 12 MARCH 2022

More bus companies are re-opening their routes from Manila to Baguio. Genesis carry service was one of the first to announce through their Facebook page that their Cubao to Baguio route had become available again including their North Genesis and JoyBus Premier buses.

In this post is the schedule of trips of Genesis carry going to and from Baguio and the requirements for tourists traveling to the city.

If you’re much more interested in victory Liner, we have a separate post for that here: victory liner BAGUIO SCHEDULE!

এই গাইডের মধ্যে কি আবৃত?

আদিপুস্তক বাস শিডিয়ুলকুবাও থেকে বাগুইও বাসের সময়সূচী
বাগোয়াও থেকে কিউবাও বাসের সময়সূচী

Baguio travel Requirements
ডট-স্বীকৃত বাগুইও হোটেল
More helpful Baguio Information
ইউটিউব সম্পর্কে আরও পরামর্শ ⬇ সম্পর্কিত পোস্ট:

Genesis Bus Schedule

Genesis has daily trips from Manila to Baguio and Baguio to Manila.


3:00 am (Joy Bus)

5:00 am (Joy Bus)

7:00 am (Joy Bus)

9:00 am (Deluxe)

11:00 am (Deluxe)

12:00 nn (Joy Bus)

1:00 pm (Deluxe)

3:00 pm (Deluxe)

5:00 pm (Deluxe)

6:30 pm (Deluxe)

7:30 pm (Deluxe)

বাগোয়াও থেকে কিউবাও বাসের সময়সূচী

1:00 am (Deluxe)

3:00 am (Deluxe)

6:00 am (Deluxe)

7:30 am (Joy Bus)

12:00 nn (Deluxe)

1:00 pm (Deluxe)

3:00 pm (Deluxe)

5:00 pm (Deluxe)

7:00 pm (Joy Bus)

9:00 pm (Joy Bus)

11:00 pm (Joy Bus)

Note that Genesis and North Genesis buses have 2×2 seating arrangement while the much more upscale JoyBus follows the 2×1 arrangement. All premium buses have a restroom (CR) on board.

Baguio travel Requirements

Genesis carry will be following the health protocols set by the national government for public transportation. wearing of face mask is required for passengers.

Aside from these, the Baguio City local government unit (LGU) also implements protocols and requirements for travelers including securing a schedule on the BAGUIO VISITA website. If you have plans to go to Baguio, make sure to read up on the policies and find out the required files you will need to be allowed entry.

For much more comprehensive instructions, check out our step-by-step guide here: BAGUIO travel REQUIREMENTS!

ডট-স্বীকৃত বাগুইও হোটেল

If you’re traveling for leisure and you’re searching for a place to stay, it is highly recommended to book an accommodation with a Certificate of Authority to operate (CAO) from the department of Tourism. here are just a few of numerous options:

G1 Lodge
#2 Leonard wood Rd., Baguio City
হার এবং ফটো পরীক্ষা করুন! ✅

The Orchard hotel Baguio
#149 Legarda Road, Baguio City
হার এবং ফটো পরীক্ষা করুন! ✅

City travel Hotel
#16 Kisad Road, Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City
হার এবং ফটো পরীক্ষা করুন! ✅

Citylight Hotel
#245 upper general Luna Road, Baguio City
হার এবং ফটো পরীক্ষা করুন! ✅

Travelite hotel Legarda
Travelite hotel cor. Legarda Rd. & Bukaneg St., Burnham-Legarda, Baguio City
হার এবং ফটো পরীক্ষা করুন! ✅

For much more options, check out this post: list OF DOT-ACCREDITED hotels IN BAGUIO! ✅

Staying in a stranger’s residence for a fee is NOT allowed and is punishable by law. If you’re paying for lodging, make sure you book an authorized hotel or inn.

More helpful Baguio Information

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ইউটিউবে আরও পরামর্শ ⬇

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